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Procedures Example  you can offer with Aspen Med Sales and Rent.

More technology and new procedures option are coming almost every day.

Usually first rental with trainer, next time without trainer.

Most popular aesthetic procedures

Combilipo:    body-jet aquashape fat removal / gentle liposuction and laserlipo for additional skin tightening)

Body-jet gentle  liposuction and fat transfer (big areas):  Body-jet + Lipocollector  for permanent  breast enlargement with own fat without scars, without implants and without narcosis, only local anesthesia

(permanent because of gentle fat removal)

body-jet gentle  Lipo / gentle fat removal any area big and small


•      no need for 6 weeks bandage after gentle fat removal, using latest technology, incl. laser ski tightenning

        soft compressions pants or post procedure light bandage only for 7-10 days

Other very popular procedures


harvest-jet Lipo

Autologous Fattransfer

Body-jet liposuction 

Harvest-jet fat harvesting / small areas fat removal

Harvest-jet fat harvesting and fat transfer (small areas) (Harvest-jet / Fillercollector)

Combi-lipo (body-jet and Laserlipo (SmartLipo)

Combi-harvesting (harvest-jet and laserlipo (SmartLipo)

Body-jet / Lipocollector/Smartlipo fat transfer and skin tightening

Harvest-jet / Fillercollector fat transfer fat removal and skin tightening

Smartlipo or LaserLipo skin tightening

SmartLipo or LaserLipo small area fat melting

SmartLipo or Body-jet permanent removal of sweating

Fat transfer for any areas incl. breast enlargement

General Rejuvenation

Stem Cells for orthopedic and aesthetic procedures

Fat Matrix Cells

Stem cells for hair growth stimulation

Nanofat for hair growth stimulation

and much more

Additional Information about  new high tech procedures and new approaches: 

•      only local anesthesia, NO general anesthesia

•      no long scars

•      own permanent long time lasting gentle removed fat transfer with immediate results      

•      no silicon implants - OWN FAT, GENTLE IMMEDIATE FAT TRANSFER

•      no need for centrifugation, immediate application from Lipocollector 

•      Additional Skin Tightening (SmartLipo or other Laserlipo)

•      CombiLipo (body-jet lipo and laser skin tightening)

•      Permanent removal of sweating with body-jet special cannula or laser or both

•      Stemcells-treatment (orthopedic and aesthetic)

•      Lipedema treatments

•      Dry immediate results